how to buy domain name for free ?

how to register domain name for free ?

Want to buy domain name for Free ?

Do you want to start Online Business or blog ? If answer is YES, Then you will need a Domain Name and Register domain name.

Registering a domain is a first step towards your website building process. This article will help you to register domain name, Step by Step Guide, Also this article will help you to buy domain name for FREE

how to buy domain name for free ?

As it is comprehensive post to register domain name, We have Put table of content, So you can Easily Jump to the section where you need the help

First Let’s understand What is Domain

What is Domain Name ?

Domain name is a address of your Website, In simple words, Domain name is a identity of your website where, user of Internet can visit your website. For Example:

Website Address

Just like you need an address to visit someone’s home, you need domain name to visit someone’s website.

Internet is wide network of computers and devices. Every computer or device has to be given a number, this number is called IP address

Example of IP address:

Just Think, What happen if you have to remember this type of many address to open needy websites. You and your mind both will confuse and you will get difficulty to remember this kind of addresses

To reduce this difficulty, Domain name were invented. Assigned domain name to dedicated IP address

Learn more about Domain name, Visit What is Domain name? and how it works

When you Need to Register Domain Name?

According to verisign, Total 351.8 million domain names registered in the first quarter of 2019. It means, all the easy and general and good domain names already sold. It is a smart way to book a domain name as soon as possible when you get idea of a good domain name if available.

Domain name registration charges are very cheap and you can register it for a year. If you think, it is not suitable for your online business ideas, you can let it expire.

It will help you to engage your customer to learn about your business and Grow your Brand

How much does a domain name cost

Generally, .com extension Domain name costs around INR 600 per Year. It may depends on domain extension.

We are recommending .com domain. Generally, everyone remember .com domain name. As well as smartphone keyboard have built key for .com

Remember that, choosing a .com domain is our choice, You can choose any domain extension which suitable for your business or Website

Do i Need to Build Website to Register a Domain Name?

No, You don’t need to Build Website first to register a Domain name. you can book multiple domain names without having website.

You can also Register a domain name and Set a Coming Soon or Temporary Page.

Many domain seller companies purchase cheap domain name and hold good domain names to sell it on higher rates

Good domain name ideas

Choosing good domain name is very important. Because Good domain name plays very important role in your Brand Identity.

Here are Some tips to keep in mind when you Search a Domain name

  • Choose Short Domain name
  • Choose domain name with your Brand Name or Product name Keywords
  • Do not use any symbols or Number in your domain name. Because some times it is difficult to remember
  • Choose .com domain extension if possible. Because .com extension is easy to remember
  • Choose cookie Free Domain

How to buy domain name (Step by Step)

You can register domain names from any ICANN approved Domain Name Provider.

As there are numbers of Domain name Provider, We are covering some popular 3 registrar

How to buy domain name for free ?

If you are planning to register a domain name to start Online Business, or Make a Website or Start a Blog, Then it is the best solution for you.

Generally, Domain name registration costs approximately INR 600 / Year and hosting plans starts from INR 5000/ Year.

Everyone have not this kind of Arrangement of money. At this time, Bluehost has proven to be a boon form. Blue Host is Providing Free Domain name, Free SSL Certificate and Website hosting in INR 199 / Month. you can also park maximum 5 domains in this plan with 50GB storage. Bluehost is solution to buy domain name for free

Bluehost, is the famous and trusted web hosting company, They recommend wordpress since 2005.

To get start of Register a Domain Click on Banner or Bluehost Website and click on Get Started Button

How to a domain with Bluehost

This page will forward you to pricing-cards page. There are three plans Basic, Plus and Choice Plus

Bluehost Pricing-Cards
Choose and select plan as per your requirement. if you are not confirm you can select Basic Plan

In Next page you have select Domain name. Type domain name in Create New Domain name. You will get free domain name

Register a domain name for free
You can select free domain name or you can Existing One
bluehost account login
Input Required information
Choose package information

Check agree box and click on Submit button. Fill bank information, That’s it. Your domain name registered. Bluehost will setup hosting account and send you an email with cpanel link and credential.

Register a domain name with google

Google is a very popular search Engine on internet. Along with Search Engine, Google provides many type of other service. For Example: Gmail, Google Translate, Calendar, Google Maps, Google Domain, Drive, Docs and many other services

As google is a famous and Trusted Brand, you will get very flawless service, You can register domain with Google Domains

type keyword or Brand name for domain name search

Select domain name and Fill required information. Fill payment details and your domain booked.

In India Google Domain is limited to only Business. (The Google Domains service can only be used for business or commercial reasons in your current country.) Regular Domain registration in India is not started Yet

Register a domain name in godaddy

Godaddy is also one of the famous and trusted Brand for Domain name registration and Web Hosting.

With Godaddy you can search and select available domain names and fill required fields and make a payment through card or net banking. That’s it.

Register a domain name in godaddy
buy domain name for free

This is the way you can buy domain name for free

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