What is Child Psychologist ? Roles and Education

Child psychology tries to solve various problems or diseases related to the child as well as his family. Psychologists primarily administer tests of children’s thoughts or associated with them. For its treatment, the child’s family, group or individuals have to be involved. Child psychologists mostly work in schools, hospitals and government bodies.

understand What is Child Psychologist ?

It is the Child Psychologist’s job to observe the child, evaluate the necessary aspects and treat him. helps relieve stress in children who are suffering from mental depression 

What is Child Psychologist

Education and Training of Child Psychologist

Child psychology is a root of clinical psychology. one can pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology and one year internship before receiving degree. and Practice one more year under supervision before receiving full licence. It is not mandatory college separate track in Child Psychologist but it is mandatory to train in respective discipline. One who want to make career into child psychology should find preliminary guide who is working in this field may have better education experience   

Understanding a child’s mindset is a daunting task

Job of Child Psychologist

Understanding the child’s mental illness and doing research beyond it to remove the disease is the main job of Child Psychologist. The doctor’s job is to understand his mental problem and do research on it. Parents or groups may be involved in this research. Abnormal behavior of child must be understand before getting worse condition

Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete operational, Formal operational is a 4 stages of child development process. Understand all stages of child’s mind is a different different process. Because child develop brains and activities from their everyday experience. Environment, genetic and cultural is most important part of child’s development process

To understand mental condition of a child and research on it is a toughest job and need many years of experience, Because it is difficult for child to explain all the things and what he/she is going through and they can not express their feeling like Adults !

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