Who is Binod? One comment leading to either strategic trend

Paytm Changed its user name to Binod, Tinder India finding Binidini for Binod

Who is Binod Yaar ! 

Netflix India also talking about Binod

See why Binod is Trending Everywhere in Social Media

Over the last few days, famous brands, from film actors to social media users have been talking about Binod. Even Mumbai Police is talking about Binod

Nagpur Police Tweeted: Dear #binod, we know you have gone very viral, But your Safety is important. corona is more famous than you so stay home, stay safe

Who is Binod?

Actually, Binod is the first name of Binod Tharu, who commented on YouTube video. His comment was “Binod”. This comment surfaced when Abhiuday and Gautami from the YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’ made a video on Indians regarding YouTube comment section dump. They made a fun but that ended. But some peoples starts commenting #Binod on social media. Even Police, Giant Companies like PayTM, Netflix India, Swiggy, Airtel also started to comment #Binod. Thus the matter went viral